HornCraft Music carries a variety of high quality rental instruments.  Brands that we carry as part of our rental fleet include Armstrong, Bach, Jupiter, King, Selmer, and Vito.  Many of these instruments are made in the USA.

Enjoy the many benefits of renting locally!

  • Personal service
  • High quality instruments guaranteed to be in top playing condition
  • Easy access to repair services all year
  • Easy access to technical assistance
  • Competitive rates
  • Competitive rent-to-own program

Choose from one of three options:

  1. Flexible Rental Plan – After paying the minimum rental fee of two-months, you have the option to return the instrument at any time or exchange it for a different instrument if you want to try something new.  Rental fees are due bi-monthly in advance.
  2. Rent-To-Own Program – Have all of your rental fees go towards the “Rent-To-Own Purchase Price” with additional discounts for early purchase within the first year (20% in the first 6 months, 10% between 7 and 12 months)! 
  3. Outright Purchase – You can save money in the long run by purchasing your instrument up front.  If you know you or your child is committed to music this may be the best option for you!  Ask us for details on pricing.

Rental Prices (per month):

Flute $25    
Clarinet $25    
Alto Sax $45    
Tenor Sax $50    
Trumpet $25    
Trombone $25    
Euphonium/Baritone $50    
Bell Kit $25  
Snare Kit $25  
Violin (all instruments) $30  

*if you are interested in a different instrument other than those listed above please contact us for availability and a price quote. 

*Used A refers to instruments that have been played before, but that are in “like-new” condition.
*Used B refers to older instruments that have been played for a considerable amount of time, they may have scratches or missing lacquer in places, but they are all in excellent condition functionally.

Link to the rental agreement

HornCraft also offers an Instrument Protection Policy, which can help offset the costs in the event that the instrument gets damaged beyond repair or stolen.  Find out the details on page 2 of the rental agreement above.

Upcoming Musical Events

Thursday September 14th, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

2023 Band Instrument Rental Night

Smithers Secondary School Round Room

Need a band instrument for the coming school season?  Come to HornCraft's Band Instrument Rental Night.  Can't make it? Just contact HornCraft directly to arrange an appointment to pick one up from the shop.  

Specials and Features

Looking for a used instrument?

Call us to check out the options.  We just might have exactly what you are looking for!

Having an expert technician in the valley is a real treat - quality and prompt service that is right around the corner is more then anyone can ask for. I trust Michael with my professional model Powell flute and he has gone out of his way to do what I have requested numerous times. I recommend him to my all students, to my colleagues and to you.

Toby Moisey Flute - Saint Petersburg Conservatory